VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting To Provide Better Website Control

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting provides a superior level of performance compared to common shared hosting. It gives more power and advanced security to any website.

The majority of websites begin with shared web hosting, but since they keep growing, the need to pass to the next level often becomes pressing. Better security, enhanced control over assigned resources and advanced support for higher traffic: this is what users expect when shifting from shared to VPS hosting.

VPS vs. Shared hosting

Hosting is a fundamental brick in the construction of any website: hosting problems immediately trigger web performance issues. At some point, many web developers come to realize that shared hosting is not working right for them. But we can only see the benefits of VPS hosting in their true light only if we take a look at shared hosting too.

  • With shared hosting all the websites (500+) hosted on a server share the same environment and compete for the same resources. In layman’s terms, this means that the performance of another website hosted on the server impacts the performance of your pages.

The shared IP address is the problem. If one of the websites is using spam emailing to build their business, this negatively affects the server that gets on the blacklist of the Internet spam cops (i.e. RBLs). 

If a website sharing the same server with yours does not have good coding or it experiences memory problems, it could use 100% of server resources or cause a server crash by going into a loop. Your site may be coded and optimized correctly, yet it could be down because of shared hosting.

  • VPS hosting on the other hand eliminates the troubles mentioned above because every VPS client receives their own IP and dedicated CPU and RAM resources as well as Disk.

The individual IP address saves you from the risk of spammy email reputation. 

Dedicated resources on the other hand provide the major benefit of securing your website against crushes or slowing down periods due to issues beyond your control (like in shared hosting).

The costs of VPS hosting can be higher depending on the resources your site requires however you will find it to be well worth it.

Shopping around for VPS hosting offers

If you have decided to upgrade your website to VPS hosting, the next thing to find out is what features service providers include in their package. Here are some of the aspects to check:

  • How will you be charged? Overage fees could be an issue. Make sure you know how much bandwidth your site currently uses.
  • Keeping the costs low! Marketers sometimes fear that they could be paying for resources that they do not use. Many VPS hosting services allow users to mention the CPU/RAM requirements for their website.
  • Flexibility. It is of paramount importance that you scale up performance as your website continues to develop.
  • Superior control level. With VPS hosting, you should have full root access to your virtual servicer. Moreover, you should be able to reboot remotely from a homegrown web panel. You may choose to write code in order to control your VPS programmatically.

All in all, VPS hosting provides superior features to shared hosting, enabling advanced control and security as well as enhanced performance for the website.