Affiliate Marketing

To Grow Your VPS Hosting Business utilize the Virpus Affiliate Program

Using Virpus Affiliate Program as a Marketing Platform for Increasing Brand Awareness

When it comes to brand promotion, many small and medium VPS hosting enterprises have only a finite and relatively small budget to spend. You need to be investing money in brand promotion campaigns every month if you are not setting aside some money for marketing already. Even if you have a small budget, you can achieve desired results such as high ROI and more customers by utilizing VPS affiliate program and you can use it as a major marketing platform. There are many ways in which a web hosting company can promote their services but virtual server hosting affiliate program is one such strategy that can generate high returns simply because you only pay for results.

According to many marketing experts, virtualized server affiliate program is a high leverage activity that can and will help you in increasing your overall business productivity. The main objective of an affiliate program based marketing is that you have to find people who have web hosting traffic and convince them to promote or refer your VPS hosting services in exchange for a decent commission. According to experts, there are three important aspects to run a successful affiliate program as a web hosting firm and they are:

Driving More Targeted Traffic

The main goal of any hosting affiliate program is to drive more targeted traffic to your services and converting that traffic into your new clients. So, you need to encourage your affiliates to be more active and engaging, so that they can divert more traffic to your website. While you can promote your VPS affiliate program via online directories and forums, a great way to find affiliates with considerable traffic is to search for the same terms that you are targeting in your online marketing campaigns. You have to find the websites that have top ten rankings or sites that are pay-per-click for those terms and ask them to join your affiliate program.

This approach makes sure that the affiliates you are hand selecting for your program have good website traffic. You need to get your affiliates to give you a prominent position on their websites. For that, you need to give them a good reason why your brand to be given more preference over affiliate programs of other hosting companies. More compelling offers and higher conversion rates are sure fire ways to do this if you offer higher commissions for better brand placement.

Better Transparency

While your affiliates can see how much web traffic they send you and they can compare your conversion rates with other web hosting affiliate programs they are promoting, the only solution they know when they have made a sale on your website is when you tell them. Particular care needs to be taken to running an honest and transparent program as this puts them at a disadvantage. As there are cases of fraud and cancellations which are a part of this industry, you need to ensure that your commission payments will need to adjust for sales that are later determined to be fraud or get cancelled. When this happens, you need to inform all your affiliates and you have to be open with them and tell them how their online traffic is performing and why a particular commission might have been rescinded.


You need to have a tracking engine tied to your ordering system for paying your affiliates and it will accurately credit each affiliate with the sales that they have made. There are many reliable tracking tools out there and most people prefer iDev affiliate which has been around for few years. This tracking tool offers a stable backend and got some nice features that can help you manage your VPS hosting affiliates.

Starting Your Own VPS Affiliate Program

If you have decided to start your own hosting affiliate program, first you have to check out the competition and see what your competitors are offering to their affiliates. With the help of your marketing team, develop a strategy that consists of exciting offers for prospective affiliates, setting up your affiliate tracking system and the commission to be paid to your potential affiliates.