Pure SSD vs. SSD-Cache

As we continue to expand our product line, it may be confusing as to what’s what. We want to break down the differences between our Pure SSD VPS product line and our SSD-Cache.

Pure SSD is the simpler of the two. Our Pure SSD line up consists of no platter/mechanical hard disk drives. Instead of it is powered 100% by SSD in a RAID 10 array.

Our SSD-Cache product line features mechanical hard disk drives in a RAID 10, however it features a single SSD. The purpose of this SSD is to handle “hot” data sets where the data is being accessed often, or is creating a high disk workload. Therefore, it is moved from the RAID 10 HDD array, and moved on to the SSD for faster processing, and to keep the RAID 10 array in good health as far as performance.