Bare Metal Cloud Services Complementing The Public Cloud Platforms – How Would Our Business Enterprises Benefit From Them?

Public cloud environments – The risk factors..

Migrating onto a virtualized cloud environment is one of the most intelligent and the biggest move that any business enterprise has taken in its entire lifetime. The three “combo benefits”, namely flexibility, efficiency and scalability are the extreme forces that can be achieved through such a virtualized environment, besides lowering down the infrastructure costs. But for the last few years, another issue has struck upon: low performance due to heavy workload. The IT engineers always has a safe and reliable solution to every issue and let us have an overall view on this solution.

With the uprise of virtualized public cloud platforms, it obviously means that the performance factor is going to suffer due to the introduction of another hypervisor layer. Even though it allows the processing of the driving factors, after a certain period, the management capabilities which have to run several virtual machines on a single box is automatically decreased. It becomes really complex for the application architectures, with the design of virtualized cloud environments and it would appear to be over-constraining for them. When the server resources become deficient, many virtual machines compete for a space and they are designated the term “noisy friends”!!

Seeking the help of bare metal cloud services

With the bare metal cloud services provided by us, you do not require a hypervisor layer, you do not require virtualization and a cloud model with all the advantages is automatically perceived. With monthly dedicated server plans, the scalability and automation features are practically obtained with cent percent performance capabilities. The other benefits, that are obtained through our bare metal cloud monthly plans are:

  • Dedication of the whole hardware systems to the customers.
  • Through an API or a web-based portal, all the single instances can be accommodated, provisioned and decommissioned.
  • Workload sharing, depending on the application and the use case. It works better than multiple and similar-sized virtual machines.
  • It allows the access of physical hardware and ensures that a bare metal cloud model with on-demand services are available.
  • With a secure physical environment, a great control is obtained over data location.

Where do you actually require bare-metal cloud scenarios?

What do organizations usually do if the performance levels drop, after establishing a fully virtualized environment through cloud? Either they would reduce the workload or they would simply tolerate the situation. With bare-metal cloud services, data-intensive operations are the ones which are going to be the most benefitted; for instance, media encoding and render farms. Big-data applications are another group, which can utilize the features of the bare metal cloud to protrude its “real” character. It has been found that the performance is almost five times greater than public cloud environments.

In media encoding field, with user-generated content, the location of the transcoding software in a multi-tenant environment is becoming quite complex, especially if the machine is situated in a multi-tenant ambience. During the processing periods, the performance lagging is almost eliminated and scaling down operations can also be achieved.