Payza discontinued until further notice

Dear Customers,

Due to circumstances out of our control, we are being forced to shut down our payment gateway with Payza until further notice.  It seems that the payment processor is having long term stability issues with securing a partner to process their US based transactions.  As we are a US business, this directly affects our ability to obtain funds from our customers.  Therefore, we have no choice but to discontinue it until further notice.

Here is what Payza has posted on their website:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Payza’s account platform is no longer accessible to members in the United States. Therefore, you cannot add, send or receive funds to or from your account.


Unfortunately, the third party relationship that enabled U.S. members to access their stored value account services was terminated. It is with great regret that we have had to withdraw from the U.S. market.


All withdrawal requests will remain pending until further notice. We are working diligently on resolving this matter and will update you immediately with any developments.

How to disable Recursive DNS

Recursive DNS enabled can cause some issues related to unintended denial of service attacks.  As such, it is recommended it is disabled unless you have a very specific reason for having it enabled.

As every system is different, the general method of disabling it is as follows:
1. Open named.conf.  This file is usually found in /etc/named.conf, however if you cannot find it there, try performing:

locate named.conf

2. Under the Options settings, make sure the follow line exists; if not, add it:

recursion no;

3. After that, you’re all set.  All that is left is to reboot your DNS server by running this command:

service named restart